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Featured Weight Loss Reviews

Before  After

Katrina Lost 10 kgs for her Wedding Day... (See full story)*

Andrew before Herbalife  Andrew after Herbalife

Andrew lost 11kg and 42cm of body fat... (see full story)*


Women's Weight Loss Reviews

Abbi (Dropped 8.5% of her body weight)
"I weighed 60kg when I started and over an 8 week period I have managed to lose 5kg and 7cm in total...(read full story)*

Caroline (Lost Over 15 kgs)
"I have been taking the Herbalife Ultimate program for 50 days. I was 115Kg at the start of that time and now weigh under 100kg. My clothes are swimming on me... (read full story)*

J.P. (Lost 21.5 kgs)
"I tried dieting and all but I couldn't seem to lose my post-pregnancy weight...(read full story)*

Carly (Lost 8 kgs)
"By the time my daughter had reached six months old I had not only gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 62kg... (read full story)*

Carla (Lost 15 kgs)
"A month after having my baby boy I jumped on the scales. To my surprise, I’d put on a total of 25kgs! I decided then that I needed a diet that would work for me... (read full story)*

Olympia (Lost 5 kgs) "I love being a mum to my now gorgeous 3 year old boy who keeps me very busy, but I found it hard to lose those extra kilos...(read full story)*

Chelsie (Lost 4.5 kgs and 22 cms)
"I have lost 4.5kg and 22cm on the program but the most important difference has been the increased energy...(read full story)*

Fiona (Lost 8 kgs, regained her modelling career)
In February 2009 I got a job working in an office full time and over 4 months I gained 5kgs. I had previously been working as a swimwear model full time so gaining this weight was so bad! I felt really fat and unhappy and my eating was crazy...(read full story)*

Pauline (Lost 11 kgs)
"At 45 I felt totally doomed to middle-age life and beyond as being one where I was overweight and it would just get progressively worse as I got older - until I found Herbalife... (read full story)*

Sonia (Lost 6 kgs & 2 dress sizes)
"So many of my friends and family have commented on my weight loss that I don't know even know how many times I've had to repeat the story of how I've lost my weight... (read full story)*

Gina (Lost 4 Kgs)
" I would like to share my success story with other women who are aged in their mid 40’s and can’t seem to shift their weight...(read full story)*

Kathy (Lost 12 kgs)
"Thanks to Herbalife I have lost 12 kilos and changed my whole attitude to food and eating... (read full story)*

Johanna (Lost 7 kgs and numerous centimetres)
"It was not until my fiance proposed to me that I decided I refused to be a victim of my body any longer and feeling uncomfortable in shorts...(read full story)*

Stefanie (Lost 4 kgs)
"At 20 years old, 162cm tall and 62kg heavy, I spent the past year unhappy with my weight and disappointed by failed weight-loss attempts... (read full story)*


Men's Weight Loss Reviews

Steve Kolman (Lost 10kgs)
"I went from a size 64 to 60. I lost 10 kilos and five cm from my waist...(read full story)*

Jason (Lost 5.8kgs)
"Since starting Herbalife I’ve lost 5.8ks, and 14 cms...(read full story)*

Charl M. (Lost 13 kgs)
"The last time I was this light and could fit into a size 32 pant was when I was 18 years old... (read full story)*

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