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(Lost 5 kgs & able to wear her Cooper Street dress)*

Quotation Marks I want to write this success story to hopefully inspire people out there who have been in my situation.

I am a 35 year old woman I have always been a size 6/8. I fell pregnant and like most women put on a lot of weight.

I love being a mum to my now gorgeous 3 year old boy who keeps me very busy, but I found it hard to lose those extra kilos. I was 60 kilos and wanted to lose 5 more kilos so I could feel like myself again and fit into my pre pregnancy clothes.

So, I decided to do Herbalife after speaking to a girlfriend who had been doing the program and had lost a few kilos. I looked on the internet and I rang Pauline I was a little embarrassed about calling but I did it.

She was amazing. She took me through the programs, asked me lots of questions and I received my package the next day.

Determined to lose those 5 kilos I went out and bought myself a size 10 Cooper Street dress that I had seen advertised in a Christmas catalogue. This was my incentive dress.

A few days later I got a call from Pauline I told her about my dress that I was going to wear to a Christmas night out with my girlfriends. She was so pleased and that made me more determined to stick to the program.

I wore my Cooper Street incentive dress after I lost my weight. I got lots of compliments and that made me feel fantastic!

Doing herbalife gave me a kick start to feeling and looking so much better it was only 5 kilos but it has made a difference to my self esteem.

I am going out with my girlfriends and enjoying the compliments. My husband has also noticed a change in me. I now have the energy to exercise the way I used to.

I would like to personally thank Pauline for her encouragement and support. She helped me achieve my weight loss and I recommend her to anyone who wants to lose weight. She will guide you and give you the support and encouragement you need to lose weight. Thank you once again.

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