Herbalife Ireland Independent Distributor

Jubilee (22 years young)
(Lost 21.5 Kgs)*

Quotation Marks While I was pregnant I didn't think that I would put on that much extra weight. I thought that most of the extra food I was eating would be utilised by my baby. However, after giving birth I was shocked when I stepped on the scales and it showed I was a whopping 87.3 kgs.

I tried dieting and all but I couldn't seem to lose my post-pregnancy weight. I can’t go to the gym because I had a C-section. In spite of all the problems I've faced with losing weight I was pretty much determined to lose it so I tried searching the net for a Herbalife Distributor to find a program that was within my budget. I’ve used Herbalife before when I was in High school so I know it works.

It was hard starting again - having to discipline myself to eat right and eating a regular meal only once a day. Eating and cooking is my passion so it makes it harder but I didn’t lose hope. It is almost a year now since I’ve started using herbalife and I’ve lost 47lbs (21.36 kgs). I currently weigh 145lbs, and I still want to shed the last 10 lbs. and I know I can do it. I hope this short story will inspire someone, because if I can do it you can too!

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