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Charl & Wife
(Lost 13 kgs each)*

Quotation Marks My wife and I started on Herbalife in August.. We are 35 and 41 years old with two young children and had let ourselves go a bit. I was weighing in at almost 92kg and my wife at 76kg.

We got onto Herbalife and the drop was quick and dramatic. Within a few weeks we had both lost 3 - 6 kgs each. The weight loss slowed to a more steady pace and we knew we needed to stick with the program to get the full results we were looking for. We found that this was quite easy.

We are a busy working couple and a lot of our home time is spent taking care of our daughters so not having to spend a lot of time cooking breakfast or dinners has actually been great for us at this point in our lives. Within 4 months we had dropped to 78kg and 63kg respectively - a drop of about 13kg each - and this is a weight that we've been maintaining as of March 2010 while I write this.

The last time I was this light and could fit into a size 32 pant was when I was 18 years old! My wife is also very happy that she has got back her pre-children figure.

We both feel a lot better with ourselves and the only issue for us has been having to replace our entire wardrobe - a problem my wife has enjoyed taking care of.

*These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.