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Herbalife Weight Loss Programmes

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Get the convenience of a complete Herbalife Weight Loss Programme. Each programme is based on high protein nutritious shakes. The meal replacement shakes come in many delicious flavours. There is also an allergen-free version for those sensitive to soy, gluten or dairy.

Protein helps build lean muscle mass. By increasing your percentage of lean muscle mass your metabolism is also increased meaning you’ll burn more calories, even while you are sleeping! The proteins contained in Herbalife shakes are termed ‘complete’ proteins because they contain a balance of all the essential amino acids (or building blocks) for the growth and maintenance of muscle.

These programmes are based on healthy meal replacement. Have 1 healthy meal, 2 high nutrition Herbalife shakes and 3 lots of energy giving supplements. Additional products are designed to assist with the weight loss process.

Start-Up Programme

Start-Up Programme

€205.13  €154.95

The Weight Loss Start-Up Programme is an effective solution for your weight loss goals and contains Herbalife's key weight loss products.

Protein Plus Programme

Protein Plus Programme

€225.51  €169.95

This programme includes additional protein which may assist in the management of hunger.

Advanced Programme

Advanced Programme

€288.22  €210.00

Contains all the products in the Start-Up Programme plus Phyto Complete - a key source of phytonutrients that helps convert food into energy.

Why Should I Choose a Herbalife Weight Loss Programme?

There are literally hundreds of weight loss programmes. Why Herbalife?