Ten Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Trying on Clothes

Christmas and New Year are both times to be around family, friends, and of course, food. But many of our treats and dishes can often be high in calories and low in nutrients, fibre and vitamins.

Here are some tips to help you avoid weight gain during the festive season.

Breakfast - Start the day with a high protein, high fibre breakfast - about 25 grams. Instead of cereal, try a meal replacement shake with fruit blended in or oats with Protein Powder blended in. This should keep you full till lunch, and also help to control your intake of food throughout the day.

Don't go to a Christmas Event on an empty stomach. Have a protein snack prior to going such as low fat Greek Yoghurt, low fat cottage cheese on a crisp bread or protein bar, or handful of raw almonds before going. You can also carry some Almonds or a protein bar with you. If there are dips to snack on go for the veggie sticks and dips, or fruit pieces or fruit salad.

Cut out starchy foods such as white rice, bread, mashed potatoes, and white pasta. Instead have legumes (beans), quinoa, lean meats, chicken, fish, seafood, vegetable or salad dishes. If there are no other alternatives to the white rice, bread etc, have a smaller amount on the side of your plate and larger amounts of the proteins, and vegetables and salads.

Weigh yourself regularly.

Stay active. Go for walks, play games with the kids or keep your exercise routine in.

Try to avoid or control stress. Relax, get plenty of sleep and avoid stressful situations.

Say "No" even when it's difficult.

Beware of liquid calories like alcohol beverages, soft drinks or Egg Nog. Have a mineral water with lemon, lime and Mint or Iced Tea with Stevia. Try to keep the alcohol drinks to a minimum.

Do some of the cooking yourself. Make a healthy meal for you and your family or friends can enjoy.

Be mindful of your actions. Keep a diary of what you're eating. Eat slowly and chew your food well. Have relaxed meals.
You don't have to completely avoid your favorite festive foods. One trick is to skip the foods you can eat all year round and instead have only those ones you can get at this time of year.

It may be difficult for most of us to avoid weight gain, but not impossible. Forethought, preparation and following these tips can go a long way in keeping the kilos of during the festive season.